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Senin, 05 November 2012

Pemenang Kontes Waria Se Jagad Dunia ( Miss Tyfanny) 2012 Berasal Dari Filipina

Miss. Philippines won the annual Miss International Queen crown in 2012 at Tiffany’s Show Theatre in Pattaya. There were 21 beauties from 15 countries competing. The second runner-up was a Thai contestant, Miss. Panvilas Monkol. The first runner-up was Miss. Jessika Simoes from Brazil. PATTAYA – November 2, 2012 [PDN]: At 9 p.m., at Tiffany’s Show Theatre Pattaya, the Miss International Queen 2012 contest was unveiled. The contest of world-class ladyboys would end with the one who would wear the Miss International Queen’s 8th Annual 2012 crown.
Contest proceeds will be donated to Chaipattaha Foundation, one of the projects of the H.M.King. The contest theme, “Gallery of Glamour,” featured a gallery of past beauty queens from the past decade of the transvestite beauty pageant.
This year the contest was opened without restriction to ladyboys from all over the world to follow their dreams. Tiffany Show Pattaya opened its stage for them to show their potential, and all the wonderful differences in the body exhibited by the exotic beauties. The nature of the contest was elevated from a normal stage to figuratively be a stage of opportunities and equality.
From October 28 to November 1, contestants had been doing activities for the contest in important places in Bangkok and Pattaya, to build good relationships between the contestants and to promote Pattaya tourism.
There were 21 contestants who had advanced to the final round. The contestants were all displayed to hundreds of spectators in the live audience in the Tiffany Show Pattaya theatre. The pageant was also broadcast live on Chanel 9 from 10.30 p.m.
The contestants came out in gorgeous night gowns and national dresses, and later the 10 finalists showed their bodies in the swimsuit round. The show also featured a performance from the great female singer “Tata Young.” In the last three rounds, the girls showed their intelligence by answering questions selected by judges.
The unique beauty in every aspect who won the minds and hearts of all judges was Miss Kevin Balot from the Philippines, who won the crown of Miss International Queen’s 8th annual competition 2012. Miss. Kevin also got the Most Photogenic award. Her prizes included $10,000 U.S. dollars, the diamond crown from World Gems Collection, a trophy, and prizes from Pratunam Poly Clinic and from other supporters.
The winner also became an ambassador to demand freedom and equality in the world for LGBT, and a supporter of tourism and good international relations.
The first runner-up was Miss. Jessika Simoes, from Brazil. She got $2,000 U.S. dollars cash, a sash, trophy, and prizes from Pratunam Poly Clinic and other sponsors.
The second runner-up was Miss. Panvilas Monkol, from Thailand. She got $1,500 U.S. dollars cash, a sash, trophy, and prizes from Pratunam Poly Clinic and other sponsors.
The National costume Award went to Miss. Yuki Tachibana, from Japan. She got $1,000 US dollars cash, a sash, trophy, and prizes from Pratunam Poly Clinic and other sponsors.
The Best Talent award went to Miss. Tukishima Beni, from Japan. The Best Night Gown award went to Miss. Sunny Dee Lite, from the U.S.A. The first runner-up of the talent award is Miss. Imanni Da Silva, from Angola. The second runner-up of the talent award is Miss. Matrica mae Centino, the pageant from Guam.
The Miss Friendship Award went to Miss. Noa Herrera, the beauty from Venezuela. The winner of the Miss Ripley’s popular vote was Miss. Stefania Cruz, from the Philipines. The award of Miss Perfect Skin went to Miss. Martica Mae Centino, from Guam.
The judges of the final round were Dr. Seree Wongmontha, the president of the judges; Ms. Alisa Pansak, the executive of Tiffany Show Pattaya; Dr. Pate Vejavisit from Pratunam Poly Cilinics; Dr. Prayoon Jentrakulroj, the director of Asoke Skin hospital; Mr. Piya Kittitheerapornchai, general manager of T.C. Natural company ( producer of the drinking skin care branded “Kiss”); Mr. Wichai Walapol, the priminister of the press photographer association of Thailand; Ms. Kathy Heinecky, the managing director of Royal Garden River Site; Mr. Stephan Bringer, the manager of Woodland Resort Pattaya Hotel; and two former Miss International Queens, Mimi Mark (2005), and Ai Haruna ( 2009).
Mr. Sutham Panthusak, the managing director of Tiffany Show Pattaya company, who joining as a president of the contest had the honor of giving the award to the 8th Miss International Queen. The expert judges who also sponsored together gave the awards to every winner in every category and then their pictures were taken in a photograph together.


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